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Jent Construction provides exceptional roofing services! Is it time to replace your shingled roof? The life of a shingled roof depends on an entire system of products and accessories that work together.

Some of these products and accessories that make up this system include:
-Ice and water shield to protect from ice damage
-Synthetic underlayment that provides a class “A” fire rating
-Different styles of vents to provide your roof with the ventilation it needs to last
-Last, but not least, flashing. Flashing is what prevents water from getting in your home around chimneys, skylights, pipes, etc.

Metal standing seam roofing can be an excellent choice because of its undisputed durability.
Panels are designed and installed on slopes greater than 3:12 and provides excellent fire, wind, and water protection.

EPDM rubber roofing systems are single ply, high performance, rubber that provide excellent
weathering characteristics in climates such as ours. Epdm rubber can be fully adhered, ballasted or mechanically fastened. Epdm rubber roofing systems are usually installed on flat roofs. Other flat roofing systems we are certified to install include TPO and Durolast.


If you notice a possible problem with your roof, get it inspected immediately. Waiting too long to do a roof repair could lead to expensive water damage. At Jent Construction, we can provide you with exceptional roofing services with high-quality roofing materials. Working with us, you’ll be confident that the roof over your head will last.

Jent Construction is a storm damage claim specialist. Contact us today!

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