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Jent Construction installs a durable 32 gage aluminum “K” style gutter. Available in 5 and 6 inch in a wide array of colors. We hang our gutter with a hidden screw type hanger that provides much better attachment to your home than the older style gutter spikes. Gutters control the water around your home. When your gutters get blocked all sorts of bad things can happen, including the cracking of your foundation, the rotting of your roof, and the washing out of your landscaping.

We also hang half round gutters and we specialize in Box gutter replacement and repair.


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  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Gutter covers
  • Downspouts
Relief gutter guard uses small holes to allow water in and keep leaves and twigs out. Most debris will be cleared by a gentle 6 mph breeze. Don’t let clogged gutter continue to cause damage to your roof and yard. Contact us today!

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Jent Construction is Southeastern Indiana's most trusted full-service construction company. We specialize in roofing, storm damage, remodeling, gutters, and siding.

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