Commercial Roofing

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Commercial Roofing Services

  • Flat roofing installation and repair
  • Single ply membrane (EPDM rubber and TPO)
  • Modified roofing membranes
  • All associated penetration and metal work
  • Roof Inspection and repair
  • Rubber roofing info including white rubber
  • TPO (Thermo Plastic Polyolefin) TPO roof systems are installed with heat welded seams and penetrations. TPO roof
    systems are quickly gaining popularity due to its heat reflective and energy efficientproperties. While the standard color is white, TPO roofing also comes in tan and grey.
  • Modified Bitumen roof systems are very durable and have a long life when installedproperly. These roof systems were formerly installed by using a torch and melting theseams together, where now self-adhering forms of this system are used. Modified Bitumen roof systems come in multiple colors.

Silicone roof coatings create a seamless membrane when installed correctly. Using silicone roofcoating can save a lot of money when it comes to tearing a roof off. By re-covering your roof,you can eliminate any interruption of normal business operations. Silicone roof coatings boast a 50 year guarantee and are highly reflective and energy efficient. We love to save our customersmoney by using these products.

The Commercial Roofing has a flat slope that is unlike anything as the residential roofing. The best Commercial Roofing is perhaps the Dura ply pre-fabricated single ply system of roofing that is the best for any commercial building.

We offer WARRANTIES on material and labor.

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